Trex decking was the first composite decking product to gain popularity, and is probably the most well known name.  

Although wood decks have the natural beauty and feel that so many homeowners want, they fade and rot over time.  A Trex deck can offer a similar look and feel, but will require less effort to maintain over time.  

Trex has been working to improve and perfect their product steadily for the last 30 years and have come along way from the early boring gray boards. 

How it's made

Trex decking is called “capped composite”. More specifically, it has a core made with 95% recycled sawdust and plastics that is wrapped in a hard protective shell. No trees are cut down to make this product because they only use wood scrap and recycled plastic and combine it with their secret sauce.

Maintenance and Warranty

The manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty on material defects, fade and stain. Fortunately, you can clean with a simple mild soap and water periodically.  The deck resists fading and staining and never needs to be stained or sealed.  It won’t rot, scratch or splinter, and resists mold and mildew.


Although making a composite board uses more energy than cutting down a tree, it is made from recycled material.  That’s because Trex keeps an estimated 400 million pounds of wood scraps and plastic out of landfills every year. And, since the product lasts so long, it will prevent the waste of tearing down the deck to replace in 10 years.  Not too bad.  


There are three Trex decking product lines listed here:

  • Select   $$  Their value product with 5 color options
  • Enhance  $$  Their mid-priced product with 3 color options
  • Transcend  $$  Their flagship product with a realistic deep wood-grain pattern in 12 color options

Want to know more?  Check out the trex website.

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