The Five Step Process

The Five Step Process

Although every client and situation is unique, there are some basic steps that tend to improve the way a project starts. This checklist is designed to help you plan the steps from idea to project start.

STEP 1: Pre-qualification

  • We ask a series of questions to confirm that ReTouch is a good fit for your needs
    If you decide ReTouch could potentially do the work…

STEP 2: Initial Walkthrough

  • Discover what you want and need to accomplish with the project
  • Discuss your budget range and time constraints
  • Define your commitment level
    If you decide ReTouch could be a good fit for your project…

STEP 3: Design Consultation

  • Discuss designs/solutions we have including: early plans, projected budget and timing
    If you decide ReTouch is who you want to use for the project…
  • We sign a “Solutions Agreement” that reserves ReTouch’s services for your project. This will include a Design Deposit (approx. 1% of projected budget)
  • An additional Design Visit (or more) is usually required to capture the final design

STEP 4: Project Preparation

  • Final Design is developed including necessary plans and elevation drawings
  • Trade Walkthrough: Our trade team is brought in to check the details and provide exact costs
  • Product Selection: We visit suppliers and select the products, colors and finishes
  • We work out the details including:
  • Scope of work to be completed
  • Product list
  • Timeline
  • Finalized investment cost

STEP 5: Pre-Construction Meeting

If all of the final details meet your goals, we review the project details and sign the contract.​ The Project Begins!