Deck Drainage

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a dry, usable space under your beautiful deck? Fret not, this is ‘Murica.  You can!   Let me introduce you to Under Deck Drainage. If your deck is up on the second story, or if you have a walkout basement, you can use a deck drainage system to create even more usable outdoor living space.

How it works

There are quite a few systems out there, but they all work off the same basic principle. There is some sort of waterproof trough installed between the joists that directs the water to a gutter on the outside edge of the deck, and then down and away.


Here’s a video showing the installation.

Planning Tips

  • Timing Matters  Some of the products can be installed after the deck is done, but some need to be done before deck boards go in. So plan ahead so your options aren’t limited.
  • Where’s the water?  The rain that gets moved away from the deck has to go somewhere. Make sure you are designing the yard or patio to prevent creating a swamp with all that water.
  • The Look  There are many different ways to finish the underside of the deck (or ceiling of your new dry patio). Will it be a beadboard ceiling? Will there be lights? How about a ceiling fan? Make that decision and plan for the details before you build.
  • Use a pro  Water is sneaky. If everything isn’t done right, water will find the flaw and drip its way out. Make sure you are using someone that is experienced in installing this to protect your investment.

Popular Options

  • Trex RainEscape  Trex works hard to have a solution to all your outdoor living needs.  The RainEscape system is a pretty affordable, reliable option.  But it has to be installed before the decking, so plan ahead.
  • UnderDeck  This system can be installed on an existing deck, which is nice.  It includes a 15 year warranty.  Since this system is the part you see underneath, it isn’t quite as pretty as a trimmed out wood ceiling, but it does the job.

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