The ReTouch Process:
Before You Call

Something needs to be done!

This is the moment we call “the last straw.”  It is when a decision is made to take action—to change a space in some way.  When you come to this last straw, take the time to consider the following questions:


The answer to this question will help you keep your goals in focus.  It is important to push past the first (and most likely surface) motivation and get to the underlying need or want.  For example, “I want to put an addition on my house because we have a baby coming, and are already pushing out of our current space” could in fact be “We have enough living space, but don’t have enough room to store our stuff, which ends up filling up the space we need to live.”  The root answer to the question why is important in determining the right solution.

How Much?

It is likely that you don’t have any idea how much a project should cost.  The danger is that many people approach this question backwards.  They describe what they want to accomplish to several contractors, then pick the one that gives them the lowest quote.  This will frequently result in a solution that does not fit the problem.  Before getting quotes, discuss at least a vague budget range you want to stay within.  That will help the design and build teams create solutions that line up with your goals.

What is most important?

There are three elements of any project that are always in conflict with one another:  TIME,  QUALITY, and BUDGET.  It is not possible to change one of these without adversely affecting the other two.  For example, is it possible to produce a high quality kitchen in a short amount of time?  Yes, but it will increase the required budget.  You should consider these three elements, and have an understanding of what order you would prioritize them.  That will help your team bring you solutions that match your goals.