Composite Decking

First Cost


Composite decking is more expensive up front than cedar and treated decking, but there is a wide range of pricing depending on your selection.  

True Cost


Composite decking really starts making sense when you look at the cost of the deck over the next decade or more.  There is virtually no cost to maintain this product over time.


25+ years

Because composite decking is man-made, it is a very consistent and stable product.  Many of the most popular options include a 25 year warranty.

As for maintenance, it is stain resistant and free of knots, checks and splinters.  It doesn’t warp or split over time.  Powerwash it and you are good to go.



You will score composite decking’s look based on your personal preference.  There are purists out there that see manmade decking as soul-less.  They feel if it didn’t come directly from the hands of the Good Lord, it isn’t worth drinking beers on.  But I believe seeing a nice composite deck with perfectly consistent boards and lines is a beautiful thing.  Especially with hidden fasteners so you don’t see any nails or screws.


Your feet will have a hard time arguing with the smooth, consistent feel of a composite deck.  No cracks, bumps or splinters to be found.  Some composite products can build up heat, which can make barefoot-in-the-summer a challenge, but most are not.

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