Custom Home Design And Building

Sometimes the best solution is a complete solution–ground up construction. This may be on a brand new lot, or could mean removing and existing house and starting over. There are perks to going new…

How much does a Custom Home cost?

The #1 question we get from people is the ever popular…wait for it… “How much does it cost to build a new home?"

“Generic rule of thumb” – Budget ranges below

Level 1: Conservative Choices $145-200 psf

Nothing fancy, just good solid space

  • Utilities are ready
  • The site doesn’t need much work
  • Story-and-a-half or two story
  • Wood or vinyl siding
  • Composite shingles
  • Vinyl windows

Level 2: Standard choices $180-250 psf

Some room for fun

  • May require utilities brought in
  • May require site shaping
  • Stucco
  • Clad windows

Level 3: Full Custom $250-350+ psf

The “footprint” grows, full basement, custom interior work

  • Full basement foundation
  • Some challenges may be overcome here
  • Brick or stone exterior
  • Clad windows
  • Clay tile or slate roof
  • Custom interior finish

Of course, each custom home (and client) is unique, and a personalized budget will be developed for your project during a collaborative design process.

Some of our favorite custom home finish products and design elements

  • Just right   A floor plan designed by a talented architect is a thing of beauty, and can create a home that becomes ground zero for a great life.
  • Situation on the lot   It is hard to overstate how important the house orientation is.  Face it the wrong way and you can end up making a great house feel like a prison.
  • Let there be light!   Many older homes don’t have enough windows.  Newly designed homes make that problem disappear.
  • Energy to spare   We’ve come a long way in the last few years.  It is now possible to create a very efficient, comfortable house that sips energy instead of guzzling it.

Custom Home Finish Problems To Avoid

  • Production Home   There are some really great production builders out there, and this may be the right fit, but a production home is designed and built to be sold, not necessarily to be lived in.
  • To cheap to be true   We find a lot of advertisements out there for cheap builders that trap a lot of people who just don’t know any different.  Builders have so many ways to go wrong.  Check out past work, take your time picking the team.
  • Foundations matter   If something goes wrong on a house, it likely involves the foundation.  Make sure you know how water is getting handled, and how the land is graded around the house to prevent future issues.
  • Frankenhouse  Great design has a lot to do with picking a “language” for the house to speak.  A lot of houses are designed by just tacking on a tall entry or slapping a few more peaks on the roof.  Resist the dark side.  Stay faithful to the style and you will fall in love

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