Trex Elevations Steel Deck Framing

The price of a treated frame is so good that it is hard to think of something else…until you decide you want a really straight, level, flat deck that will last for a lifetime. Then Trex Steel Framing really starts to make sense.

First Cost


Ok, so this is where Trex Elevations hurts. The product is more expensive. And if you don’t use an installer that is experienced with it, the labor will be a lot more expensive as well. All in you can count on spending 30-50% more on the frame than you would have with a treated frame. ​

True Cost


This is where Trex Elevations starts kicking butt. ​

LIFETIME - A really long time

With a 25 year warranty and the durability of triple coated carbon steel, this frame will last until long past the Zombie Apocalypse. It requires very little if any maintenance.


  • Straighter The steel beams and joists go in straight, and will stay that way over time. That means the dog’s tennis ball won’t roll to the corner of the deck any more.
  • Stronger Steel’s strength means longer spans, fewer support posts and sexier cantilevers and curves become possible.
  • Safer Steel can be used in commercial decks because it has a Class 1A fire rating.
  • Long-lasting It is rot and termite proof, and lasts much longer than even treated lumber
  • Aesthetic The consistent, straight lines of a steel frame with an understated neutral color.
  • Warranty Did I mention that 25 year warranty. Yeah. I thought so.


  • Inexperienced Installers Beware of using an inexperienced deck installer for this. It is actually easier to work with than treated framing if the crew knows what they are doing
  • “First cost” It’s just money, right? Even with all the advantages, a lot of people have a hard time paying more for something that they won’t even see when they are drinking their mojito.

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