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Spaces for Life: Best Gifts For Your House This Christmas

By Lance McCarthy

When I was little I remember being at a family Christmas and being super aware of whether I was getting as many gifts as my cousins. If I was getting things like a sweater with a horse on it and they were getting a new nerf gun, it made me feel pretty bad. Can you relate?

Your house is that way too. Imagine being a house and watching everyone in the family getting gifts…except you? Not a good feeling. No wonder the toilet clogs and the furnace stops working around the holidays. Can you blame the poor house for feeling a little left out?

Well, I’m here to help. Here are my favorite picks for House Gifts in 2016.

  • The Roku Streaming Stick allows you to access any of your streaming accounts from any HDTV.  Just plug in the USB, and let your fingers do the walking on the remote.  Amazon, VUDU, Netflix, Google Play…let the Christmas movie marathon begin!
  • The Amazon Echo is the voice assistant that will make you feel like someone important.  Have trouble getting your kids to listen?  You won’t have that trouble with Alexa.  She will always turn on your favorite song, tell you the forecast, or give you the recipe for great egg nog.
  • Feel about the old days with simple video games about Italian plumbers trying to save princesses?  Check out this classic Nintendo system with 30 built-in games.
  • Do you have dead spots in your home wifi system?  I know it isn’t sexy, but the Eero system blankets your home with blazing fast and consistent internet speed.
  • Like singing in the shower?  This is for you.  Replace your can light bulb in the bathroom with this bluetooth speaker bulb.  I know right?  Pretty cool.
  • Have boys that don’t aim well at night?  It doesn’t seem like a big problem until it is happening in your house.  The GlowBowl motion activated toilet nightlight has the solution!
  • I know you are tired of having 13 devices and usb cords littering the countertop.  This clean looking multi-device charging station helps clean up the space.
  • I’m assuming that you have already purchased the keypad deadbolt and the Nest learning thermostat, so I won’t bring those up.  Oops, too late. But the Nest

Hope that helps. Happy holidays!

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