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Spaces for Life: Organizing Ideas Continued…

By Lance McCarthy

Last week I asked my friend Mary Ellen Vincent to write about some of the ways she uses IKEA products in her home organizing.  She started her business OrganizeME around the time I was starting ReTouch, and we have enjoyed a cooperative relationship over the years.  She has helped my clients prepare their houses for sale, organize a home office, tame a wild family kitchen, and so much more.  Here’s Mary Ellen…
As a Professional Organizer I’m often called on to use my creative abilities and I enjoy finding useful containers and elegant solutions to your storage needs. Often the organizing products you need are already in your home. When they’re not, IKEA can sometimes provide simple, durable and inexpensive solutions.

Bathroom Storage Using Kitchen Flatware Caddy

Problem: One day I noticed that I had had the same dusty bathroom towels hanging above the toilet for 10 or more years. The towel bar was already installed, but there didn’t seem to be a purpose for it. However, I did need to get out my large tube of toothpaste and my toothbrush twice a day, because I don’t like to store them in sight on the countertop. I also like to keep a small washcloth handy to wipe the counter and I had no easy spot to hide it.

Solution: I thought of this idea when I walked through an IKEA store. The metal baskets seemed to be the right touch for the décor in our bathroom and the way they hung was about the right height for an easy reach from the bathroom counter. I also purchased decorative shower hooks to hold the baskets, so I didn’t need to change my towel bar to the custom style IKEA uses with their special hooks. I even have room for some flowers!

Here is a link to the video version of Organizing with IKEA Products, starring Lance, myself and Eve.

If you’re looking for some creative solutions to your organizing problems, call or text me at 816-529-6901 or send an email to Together we can make a plan, complete a project or make progress on setting up systems to keep you organized. I also appreciate your referrals to family, friends and neighbors who are ready to get organized and who would benefit from my hands-on approach!

Thanks for taking the time to share some of your organizing ideas Mary Ellen.  It was great to reconnect!  

I’ll be back next week with the project of the month, and I think you will like it.  Plus, keep your calendar open on April 25th and 26th for the NARI Remodeled Homes Tour.  We have a couple of projects on the tour, and although they aren’t whole house projects like we have had in the past, I think you will still find it worth the visit.  

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