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Spaces for Life: Design Trends

By Lance McCarthy

I love New Year’s! Partly because my parents take the kids for two days so that my wife and I can remember what it’s like to have uninterrupted conversations and watch big people movies. Partly because I love thinking about the future. Not the sci-fi future of space cars and Jetson maids, but the future like the coming year. It is fresh. Anything is possible. A new start. This week I wanted to find out about design trends for 2015. Every year styles and preferences evolve and change, and that can be either frightening (if furry toilet seat covers ever come back), or exciting. Since we work with some of the best designers and architects in town, I thought it would be fun to get their predictions for the coming year. Here’s what they had to say:

Open and connected spaces This isn’t a new trend, but it will certainly continue to be important. People are wanting to be able to see and connect with one another from different parts of the house–especially the big three areas–Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Area.

Intergenerational Living This is happening from both ends of the spectrum. We are seeing more families bring aging parents into the home, but frequently with their own living space in some way. And on the other end, children are staying in the home longer every year (an astounding 32% of 18-34 year olds living with their parents according to a recent survey).

  • White marble and white kitchens will continue to be popular, although there is room for color in kitchens as well.  
  • If you haven’t heard, brass is back.  (Last year it was ok to sound shocked by this, but this year you might get looks).  It isn’t your grandmother’s trumpet-y brass, this one is a cleaner and more subtle brass.  Check it.  
  • Mixing different finishes will be fun this year.  Mirrored glass, platinum, all in good measure.  
  • The feature, wall with big bright colors will be less popular.  The preference is moving toward the same color on every wall with bright pops of color in furniture and wall art.
  • Chevron will be less popular (not the gas company, but the pattern).  
  • The color of the year is Marsala  
  • Return to mid-century modern will happen in furniture and
  • Blue will be the primary accent color
  • We will see more wallpaper being used in certain rooms
  • Bathrooms are moving to larger showers with a more zen atmosphere, lighter tile with a darker grout, bathrooms that feel like an escape. 

So raise your glasses to 2015. It will be exciting, and full of possibility. And who knows? Maybe furry toilet seats will come back.

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