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Project of the month: Basement Retreat

Do you guys do _______________? That’s one of the questions I get more than any other. The blank is usually filled with all kinds of projects…bathrooms, kitchens, new builds, office tenant finishes, decks, leaky faucets…We love it all because our real passion isn’t a certain type of project, but more a certain type of client. Once we find a client that is a good fit, we want to do whatever they need to make their spaces work better.

With that in mind, I usually feature a monthly project. I hope this will be informative about what other people are doing, what it is costing, and what may be possible. So, here we go…

Project of the Month:

Basement Transformation

Location: Cedar Creek

Designer: Melissa Schieffer with ReTouch, Lori Schiefen with LS InDesign

Budget Range: Between $100,000 and $110,000

Project Description: Give a contemporary, yet comfortable feel to a previously unused space

Pictures on Houzz:

What it was like before:

Used as an occasional kids play area, this basement was mostly bean bag chairs and storage bins. On one side was the tv, where the kids were sent during parties upstairs, and on the other was a ping pong table and an empty closet. Meh.

What it is like now:

The new contemporary space is now perfect for all occasions (except boring occasions)

Cool features:

-Sleek Laminate Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring from BOLYU made to look like stained concrete

-Unique Crocodile Tile from RBC on the bar walls (bet you can’t find this at Home Depot)

-The eye catching bar/table is custom made from a solid, live edge piece of Walnut that is 7’ long. Daddy like.

-Dekton’s Aura by Cosentino serves as the countertop in the bar as well as the vanity in the bathroom

-”Materia” Project Decor Embossed tile serves as the backsplash in the bathroom

-The Starlight sconce by the staircase, as well as the 5 pendant vanity light are both from Wilson Lighting.

Interesting detail:

The vanity in the bathroom was custom-made entirely out of Dekton material. Each piece was mitered together so that it looks like one seamless piece of stone.

Also, each of the televisions are connected to ipads, which are used as the remote controls. There is one I-pad in the wall next to the bathroom, and one that is mobile and can be used anywhere in the space.

This client was a joy to work with, very patient through this process, and had a great sense of style that really shines through in the space.

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