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New Kitchen and More Space

Family moves into Prairie Village ranch with a large yard, but the home’s interior lacked the sense of openness and interconnectedness that they were longing for.  They wanted to have a space that felt right for this next stage of life. We had some limitations to overcome:
  • A limited budget
  • A firm deadline (a week before the baby’s due date—7 weeks after the start of the project)
  • The clients needed to live in the home during the project
  • A bearing wall divided the space
  • Imbalanced windows cluttered the front elevation
  • A dated and poorly functioning kitchen hampered entertaining and daily use
A recent remodeling project for the business they owned had ballooned in budget and timeline.  This left them nervous about moving forward.  Gradually, over the course of several consultative meetings, we were able to put together a plan, budget and scope of work that met their needs.  The day after signing the contract, we began tearing down the plaster. There were a few surprises during the project:
  • Removing the bearing wall, we discovered the two adjoining ceilings had different heights
  • While cutting new window openings in the brick façade, we discovered the brick was not fastened to the exterior wall and had to be stabilized
  • Two extra live fuse boxes were found in the walls of the house and had to be addressed
  • A fireplace had been hidden behind a plaster wall
In the end, we were able to bring in the cleaning team two days before the birth of their new baby.  They were able to come home from the hospital to a new home that gave them what they were looking for:
  • An entirely new kitchen of modern slab faced cabinets full of pullouts and space savers
  • A front elevation that was balanced and open—full of new large windows
  • An upset beam allows a seamless ceiling and hardwood floor to connect the Kitchen with the Eating Area and the Living Room
  • A visual anchor was created in the space by exposing and tiling the fireplace wall
  • An open Entry is filled with light from a new full lite entry door and fewer side walls
  • Fake brick walls enclosing the basement stairs were replaced with a half wall/bench seat and two corner windows that create a visual connection all the way through the home.
With a little creativity and a lot of planning, we were able to address their needs and create a great space while absorbing the costs of some unexpected changes and keeping the project on time. Old Home Gets New Kitchen and Living Room Many of the old homes we renovate lack a true master bath. In the case of this north side Indianapolis bath remodel, the space was there–it just needed reconfigured. Our clients wanted their cramped bath expanded to create enough room for a dual shower and a dual vanity.

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