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Spaces for Life: Project of the month – Church Coffee Bar

By Lance McCarthy

Do you guys do _______________?  That’s one of the questions I get more than any other.  The blank is usually filled with all kinds of projects…bathrooms, kitchens, new builds, office tenant finishes, decks, leaky faucets…We love it all because our real passion isn’t a certain type of project, but more a certain type of client.  Once we find a client that is a good fit, we want to do whatever they need to make their spaces work better.
With that in mind, I include a monthly project as part of my articles.  I hope this will be informative about what other people are doing, what it is costing, and what may be possible.  So, here we go…

Project of the Month:

Coffee Bar for a local church

Location: Leawood

Designer: Kara Kersten with ReTouch

Budget Range: Between $30,000-40,000

Project Description: Replacing an old set of cabinets with a modern coffee bar, replacing carpet in the sanctuary and lots of praying that our timeline would work.


What it was like before:  

Imagine if the cast from Mad Men were having coffee in the back of a sanctuary (I’m trying to imagine the plot twist that would put the Mad Men cast in church) around some old cabinets (I guess they weren’t old then were they?).  That is kinda the situation we had here.  Old carpet, old cabinets, old coffee pot, and checkered pantsuits…


What it is like now:  

Now there is a great modern bar area with a commercial capacity coffee maker, and clean lines.  

Cool features:

  • Modern laminate cabinets with euro slab doors
  • Countertop is Sutton from Cambria
  • The cabinets are lit with a subtle LED light strip
  • Sink is a Blanco undermount in truffle (that’s a color–I wish I had the job of picking sink color names!)


Interesting detail:

Since “the show must go on” as they say in church…I don’t think they actually say that in church…we had to tear down and get functional again between Sundays.  We were sweating more than a sinner in a prayer meetin’ as my grandma used to say.  But, we pulled it off…barely.  

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